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Essential Cardano

Essential Cardano….essential reading. A couple of quick New Year updates for you. First up a summary of the state of the Cardano Nation as of the end of 2022. Packed full of information, it’s a great resource to remind yourself of of how far the project has already come, and what is still planned. It’s…

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Cardano Foundation Strategy

Frederik Gregaard was recently appointed as CEO for the Cardano Foundation. You may already know that Cardano has a trinity structure: Cardano Foundation are the not for profit arm, responsible for long term governance and stewardship for the Cardano Ecosystem. IO Group (IOG, formerly IOHK), the development organisation, responsible for building the code and tools.…

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Blockchain will bring trust back into capital markets

Just read a really good article by Frederik Gregard (CEO of the Cardano Foundation) on the Cardano Foundation forum on the recent GameStop events. Frederik opens: If recent events have revealed anything, it is that trust in the traditional financial infrastructure powering our global capital markets has been eroding—especially among retail investors. The GameStop (GME)…