Cardano Updates

Essential Cardano

Essential Cardano….essential reading. A couple of quick New Year updates for you.

First up a summary of the state of the Cardano Nation as of the end of 2022. Packed full of information, it’s a great resource to remind yourself of of how far the project has already come, and what is still planned.

It’s also a excellent summary for people you know who might have heard about Cardano and be curious on what it’s about, and helps explain in clear terms why those in the know feel so strongly that it’s the best horse in the race.

You can download your copy as a PDF from here. You will need to register but it’s worth it, promise.

There is also an update from the Cardano Foundation that is worth checking out.

It covers activities over the year including the commitment to the Linux Foundation, a very positive move in our view.

In joining the Linux Foundation as a Gold member, the Cardano Foundation has deepened its commitment to open-source as well as to blockchain technology—an important step as we continue to champion blockchain adoption and support the progress of the technology itself.

Best wishes for the New Year from all of us here at ADAvault.