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Lace wallet

News in that IOG are making progress on the release of their light wallet called Lace, which will complement Daedalus (a full node wallet that keeps a complete copy of the blockchain). In a recent blog post Olga Hryniuk provides details: To simplify the experience for wallet users, IOG is developing Lace ‒ a ‘one-stop-shop’…

Cardano Community

Ethiopia overhauls its education system with IOHK blockchain partnership

Big news, and we got this a bit early. From the CityAM article today: Global blockchain research and development company IOHK has announced a unique partnership with the government of Ethiopia. The link-up will implement a blockchain-based national student and teacher ID and attainment recording system to digitally verify grades, remotely monitor school performance and…

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Blockchain deployment in Africa

One of the goals from the earliest inception of Cardano has been to push power to the edge of the financial system and start to provide the same benefits and opportunities enjoyed in Western countries to the rest of the world. So we were really pleased to see a report this morning on Crypto News…