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Intersect Roadmap

There’s a new roadmap available for Intersect, the Cardano members based organisation. It’s best experienced in a desktop browser.

Solving the Governance conundrum opens up a lot of interesting growth avenues for Cardano, cements the decentralisation progress made to date, and lays the foundations for Cardano to start functioning as an exemplar of a distributed autonomous organisation. It has the potential to become Cardano’s primary competitive differentiator, enabling long term innovation and development where other leading blockchains have struggled.

There has been some talk lately on X (Twitter) amongst leading Cardano figures on the similarities with a virtual nation state as blockchains evolve. While that feels a little far-fetched at this point in the evolutionary lifecycle, it may be possible to discern a target state where governance of monetary policy, fiscal rules, commerce and “foreign” policy starts to look quite like the strategic concerns of a real nation.