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There’s a lot in the pipeline

A short and non exhaustive list of things we have to look forward to across the Cardano ecosystem in the coming months through 2023:

  • Partner chains (Mamba EVM, World Mobile): driving interoperability across multiple chains and ecosystems, permitting optimisation of speed while keeping security guarantees from the base chain.
  • Ouroboros Genesis: Bringing the same level of security guarantees as Bitcoin to a Proof of Stake chain for the first time. This places Bitcoin and Cardano as the 2 premium blockchains for confidence in their security against adversarial attack.
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) networking: removes the need for any central authority to handout connection information in order for cardano nodes to connect to peers and maintain the network. Another step on the road to improved decentralisation.
  • Lace wallet: a new type of light wallet that will drive web3 use cases.
  • Mithril: state snapshots which will enable nodes to synchronise faster and light wallets to function with less backend infrastructure to store state
  • Djed (now live): An overcollateralised stable coin running on Cardano.
  • Liqwid: new types of DeFi protocols and capabilities for lending and borrowing assets on Cardano.
  • Axo: a new type of DeFi exchange build on Cardano with programmable swaps, conditional orders, trading strategies…
  • USDA: Another stable coin backed by Emurgo that functions like USDC or USDT.
  • Catalyst dReps + other enhancements: important for the transition to decentralised self governance of the ecosystem.
  • Alternative languages: Helios/ Plu-TS/ Aiken (making access to developers easier and faster)
  • Babel fees: we’ve written about these before. A game changer…
  • Atala prism v2: The path towards sovereign identity.
  • Secp256k1 (14/Feb/2023 live on mainnet): the crypto algorithm used by Bitcoin, required to permit better interoperability and bridges between chains.

A lot to look forward to… we’ll keep updating this post with links, and comments on these and why they matter.