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Vasil Upgrade Status

You may have seen a few concerns on social media in the recent days about the status of the Vasil upgrade. We’ve been keeping our heads down as we didn’t have much to add to the conversation taking place.

While we view debate as healthy, our view tends to primarily be informed by IOG (Kevin and Nigel) and if they are happy (they were) we don’t worry so much. Node 1.35.3 has been passed by QA for the Vasil Hard Fork Combinator (HFC) event, and while there are still a few minor bugs there is nothing of concern that will stop the HFC going ahead.

We are running 1.35.3 on the Pre-Production network, and will migrate the ADAvault mainnet nodes (currently on 1.34.1) later this week once we are comfortable there are no issues in our environment and we have fully tested the upgrade process.

Rest assured we will be ready for the HFC in good time.

Any questions please feel free to reach out over the usual channels (links in the footer of the site).

P.S. As we move towards Voltaire (the last phase of the Cardano roadmap), there will be opportunities to improve voting mechanisms and Cardano upgrade governance. Our view is that we are starting to outgrow the current mechanisms and this is actually a good sign as it reflects the tremendous growth taking place.