Cardano Updates

Mid monthly update and AMA

A couple of updates for you. First up, the regular mid monthly update from Tim and team on progress towards the Vasil hard fork. It is looking like there have been a few issues discovered on Testnet that will slightly push back the target dates (originally end of July). While a date is not mentioned we would expect the hard fork in August at the earliest to allow time for exchanges and other 3rd parties to complete integration testing.

Checking the Cardano-node GitHub repo shows version 1.35.1 as the latest. There are a number of issues pending, so it looks like 1.35.2 or possibly 1.35.3 will be the final release candidate.

No big deal in the scheme of things, much more important that the upgrade runs smoothly. The cautious approach is the correct one.

You may also know that the IOG team have been back in Mongolia, completing the graduation ceremonies for Plutus trainees amongst other promotion and business development activities.

Charles runs his latest AMA from Mongolia, linked for convenience below.

We always appreciate the transparency that Charles brings to his comms, many organisations get less transparency from their CEO than the Cardano Community have. It takes effort and it makes a difference.