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Kraken Research Report

A very balanced report on Cardano from Kraken research has just been published. It covers the background and goals of Cardano and takes a deep dive into the roadmap, technology, and network growth metrics.

Cardano initially took on notoriety among a class of ICO-craze-driven projects in 2017 following the network’s launch. While the ICO-wave gained infamy from the number of overpriced assets that ultimately disappeared into crypto dust, Cardano finds itself among a subset of ICO Warriors that persisted the treacherous perils of a dark and quiet crypto winter—bloody, beaten, yet hungry for more. With Cardano’s Shelley hard fork in July 2020, a long 3 years after the blockchain’s launch, the project regained life, seeing a momentous surge to hold a strong position in the top 5 crypto assets by market capitalization for much of 2021.

The reports contains a wealth of facts and figures including the tokenomics of ADA, noting that Cardano has an unusually fair and open distribution compared to other projects.

This aspect will become increasingly important in the coming years, both from security and community governance perspectives.

Another critical aspect that many crypto investors do not appreciate is the emission schedule or monetary expansion policy which models that of Bitcoin, and therefore leads to a continually reducing deflationary supply. This has not been fully factored into the ADA price yet, but will be as the appreciation of this aspect grows. It means that the early adopters (who hold ADA), reading this now are in a very privileged position. They are acquiring ADA from their staking rewards at a much faster rate than participants will 10 years from now.

The sound money aspect of ADA coupled with its unique Smart Contract capabilities make it the true (and environmentally sound) successor to Bitcoin. While there remains much to deliver on the roadmap before this happens, there is now a higher probability it may steal that crown by 2030-2035.

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