Most active chains

Seems like $HOSKY has been increasing the transaction volume significantly of late?

In all seriousness Cardano is now second only to Bitcoin, and while price may seem to have stagnated lately, those of you who have been with us for a while will know that Cardano has a habit of consolidating after major upgrades, like the go live of Smart Contracts at the beginning of September.

Sit tight, and as we have said a few times before don’t worry about price. In the short term price discovery in crypto can be very inaccurate (in both directions). In the longer term price reliably follows transaction volume and utility.

In the case of Cardano both of those are about to get a shot in the arm as we go through the next 2-3 months. There are a lot of exciting projects queued to go live and we can expect to see volumes continue to climb.