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Harvard interview with IOHK

Authoritarian, totalitarian regimes that hate freedom, hate cryptocurrencies. It’s just that simple. These technologies are fundamentally incompatible…

Harvard International Review (successor publication to Harvard Business Review) have published a series of interviews with Charles and Joel Telpner, Chief Legal Officer at Input Output Hong Kong.

It ranges far and wide and is a good introduction to the space, history and challenges faced, touches on political considerations, and relevant goals for Cardano and wider ecosystem.

Would you rather build your institutions, with the same old building materials that we got all the other human institutions with…? What cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology do is creates a system that can’t lie to you, that you also have inclusive accountability with, where you can check the results.

Good to see Charles and team getting traction with high media outlets like Harvard. An indication of interest in the sector and Cardano in particular.