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Cardano Developer Portal

News just in that the Developer Portal is live. This is a very positive development which will help new entrants to the ecosystem. As you might expect from a project that has grown and evolved very quickly over the last 2 years Cardano documentation is somewhat fragmented and in some places out of date. This obviously makes it a lot harder to get the accurate information needed to develop or deploy solutions onto Cardano. Information on the developer portal has been vetted by the community and our initial review suggests is of a consistently high quality.

Another excellent resource is the Essential Cardano List located on GitHub. This has grown at a ferocious rate since we last looked at it a few months ago. The breadth and depth now in the ecosystem is really impressive.

It’s easy to assume that the market accurately prices the pace of innovation, but when you look at this list it’s clear how price and value is often uncorrelated and takes time to converge.

The portal is located at

The Essential Cardano List is here: