Cardano Updates

More details on Marlowe

Marlowe is the Domain Specific Language (DSL) that will be used to write financial contracts that run on Cardano. This months’ Cardano360 will have more details, and Shruti Appiah, Engineering product manager will be joining the show.

She notes in a recent blog post that:

With Marlowe, we aim to democratize finance by facilitating peer-to-peer agreements that run on a blockchain. We seek to empower people to create their own financial instruments and set up agreements with anyone with whom they want to interact. Marlowe will offer a suite of products, each product serving a different function and set of users. Marlowe’s overarching product strategy comprises three streams – Marlowe for developersMarlowe for end users, and Marlowe for enterprise

Worth a read, this is a key piece of the overall jigsaw, and another reason why Cardano promises to be far ahead of it’s competitors as we move through into 2022.

The playground is available here if you want to try out…