Cardano Updates

Cardano Node 1.27.0

A new release of Cardano Node from the development team. A lot of new features have been added ready for the Alonzo Smart contracts era. From the release notes:

Node version 1.27.0 provides important new functionality, including supporting new CLI commands that have been requested by stake pools, providing garbage collection metrics.
It includes the performance fixes for the epoch boundary calculation that were released in node version 1.26.2, plus a number of bug fixes and code improvements.
It also includes many fundamental changes that are needed to prepare for forthcoming feature releases (notably Plutus scripts in the Alonzo era).

All ADAvault infrastructure has now been upgraded to 1.27.0.

Credit once again to the Dev team for a smooth upgrade process, and continued progress towards the Alonzo1 era of Smart Contracts.

1In case you are wondering about the Alonzo code name for the Smart Contracts era it is a reference to Alonzo Church who was responsible for Lambda Calculus that will be used for Smart contracts. Lambda Calculus is Turing complete which means it can simulate any Turing Machine, and hence compute anything that a Turing Machine can.