#1 in Daedalus

We were pleased to see ADV ranked at #1 in Daedalus when we checked at the beginning of Epoch 260. That’s 2 pools in the top 20. There is some luck in it of course, both pools have had a great run over the last 5-10 Epochs.

But there is also an element of getting the basics right and ensuring that the pools are performing well. Here at ADAvault our Ops Team put a lot of effort into ensuring that there is low network latency with excellent connectivity to peers, and high performance CPU and IO available for the pools, along with a myriad of smaller configuration details like the use of Chrony for microsecond accurate clock synchronisation. We also make sure that the architecture is highly available and resilient.

It won’t last forever and it will be another pools turn at the top soon, but fun to see while it does last.