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FD7 Ventures

This recent news article caught our eye:

According to FD7 Ventures Managing Partner, Prakash Chand, Bitcoin’s market cap will reach $10 trillion in a few years, with Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH) not too far behind…

“The new generation of retail investors who got burned on Robinhood will turn to the cryptocurrency markets. We will see a lot of stimulus checks invested in the crypto market over the stock market”, said Chand.’-Managing-Director-Prakash-Chand-Predicts-Bitcoin-Market-Cap-of-10-Trillion-with-ADA-DOT-and-ETH-Not-Far-Behind

We agree with Chand’s view that it will be difficult for ETH, DOT, and ADA to beat Bitcoin in terms of market in the near term, but that in 5-7 years they will have the ability to surpass Bitcoin’s market capitalization.

FD7 recently announced that they were converting $750M of their funds from BTC to ADA and DOT.