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Steve Jobs- Lost 1995 interview

Not a Cardano post, but this is a very interesting interview by Bob Cringely as part of his series Triumph of the Nerds (which is well worth watching to understand the development of the computer industry), and whether you are an Apple fan on not gives a real insight into what made Steve Jobs tick, and why he was such a visionary.

Steve’s insight at 26:00 on why companies get run by product people or sales/marketing people is obviously very linked into his experience at Apple first time round…. and around 38:00 he gets into how teams make great products. The concept of dynamic range between great and average products which Steve touches on at this point is noteworthy. For a lot of real world products, for example TV’s, the range might be 2:1. In the space of software products it can be 50:1 or even 100:1.

As an aside we think that Cardano can be as revolutionary for the world in the 21st Century as the personal computer industry (and Apple) was through the latter part of the 20th. We also think that the dynamic range in the Crypto world can be pretty high too….